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Noten mit CD + DVD € 34,95
ISBN 978-3-7957-5954-4

  • The comprehensive textbook for the guitar as an accompanying instrument
  • The theory of harmony especially for guitar (all styles)
  • The creative book with important tips and tricks, and aural examples (pop, jazz, rock, chanson, Latin, folk song)

»You can say,
this book is revolutionary!«

The FELLOWBOOK is a comprehensive textbook for the guitar as an accompanying instrument and closes the last major gap in the series of teaching literature for the instrument. In addition, the very approach of this book is so revolutionary that it stands out in the market in many ways. A thick hardcover book with 300 pages together with both CD and DVD with over 200 examples (almost 120 minutes of audio and video material). All significant aspects in connection with guitar accompaniment are discussed in detail, presented with short examples and included in exercises later.

But unlike most other books, the Fellowbook takes a different approach and it’s revolutionary in its simplicity; it’s a book to help people help themselves. A book that takes the player behind the secrets of accompaniment — and not a simple collection of accompanying arrangements! Fellow invested 8 years of work into the project — over 2,500 hours on the computer or with the more traditional pen and paper.

The FELLOWBOOK was published in December 2009 by Schott Music.

In the near future all those interested can find new exercises, sample arrangements (for free download) and informational updates. In addition, video sequences and the latest workshop dates will be published online.

Update 20.05.2010

I sincerely thank all those interested and hope to have given a few suggestions for your own path to a flexible and complex accompaniment with this book. The response exceeded all expectations, and so the book will — a mere 5 months after its initial publication — soon appear in its second edition.


Here you can find the complete version of the song "Skylark" for free download. You can find it in my book as an excerpt on pages 264/265 and hear it on the FRIEND 'N FELLOW - CD "Covered".
Excerpt from the Fellow Guitar Book (pdf).

– The practice for FELLOW GUITAR BOOK

Here you will find instructions for viewing and downloading for the effective learning of chords and a sample page.

Fellow Guitar Web (pdf)

My Chords (pdf)

Practice notes and other extra-plans will follow soon.

For short queries and suggestions you can send me an email. If you require more detailed information, then I recommend you to attend a workshop. This is the current schedule:

Workshop Dates 2011/12

  • 30.04.2011 NORTHEIM/EINBECK
  • 28.05.2011 FRANKFURT/MAIN - Musikhochschule
  • 21.-28.07.2012 - Toscana (I)

Status: 20.04.2011, will be continued —

Opinions about the Book:

A standard work. Every advanced and ambitious guitar player ought to have this book on the shelf.

Andreas Schulz
Editor in Chief in the AKUSTIK GITARRE 2/2010

The “FellowGuitarBook“ is a great help to expand the harmonic horizon — excellent uncomfortable and instructive, because you self have to contribute — and very authentic, because it's sophisticated with much energy and attention to detail by Thomas Fellow... Recommendation!

Michael Langer – Professor of Gitarre in Linz and Vienna and one of the most successful Textbook authors for Guitar

If Thomas Fellow had not written this wonderful book, I would still be searching for a compendium, work- and educational book like this. I confess, I had written the book most like myself. I love this book already .... and I am looking forward to extensively study it and pass it on.

KOSHO – Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist of the „Söhne Mannheims“and lecturer at the Pop Academy in Mannheim

This book is great. It follows an optimal design for clear, helpful instructions and professional tips. It brings together expertise and experience with methodological imagination in perfect harmony and balance. And this, moreover, in Top layout and media complemented by CD plus DVD. Congratulations!

Thomas Müller-Pering – concert guitarist and professor of guitar at the Musikhochschule Weimar and UdK Berlin

Finally a guide for song accompaniment on the guitar, which is on par with similar publications for the piano! This book belongs in the hands and the head of every guitarist.

Dieter Kreidler – Professor em. at the Musikhochschule Köln/Wuppertal and leader of the German guitar scene


Why doesn’t the book working with TABS or chord symbols?

The central approach of the book aims for an understanding of the system and less on the rapid renactment of the musical examples. Tablatures only fixate on one of many fingering possibilities and easily misplace the focus on the essentials. Since other versions of it can not be derived, they are not suitable as a basis for explanations and developments. Theory of harmony is a complex and challenging field, especially on the guitar. A deeper harmonious understanding is based on the occupation with notes (this applies to guitarists also). The book offers the opportunity to develop the knowledge of notes and the overview over the instrument (tone table, fingering, tools), and periodic (adjustable) chord images are also treated in detail. This, however, only at the end of a chapter - almost as an auxiliary element and the third step after the LISTENING and UNDERSTANDING.

The focus is not on fast ‘playing success‘. The book focuses on small, steady steps at the beginning in view of later self-development. Ultimately, of course, each player will decide whether he wants to raise this awareness and stamina. Unfortunately there is no ‘shortcut‘ to the harmonious overview on this instrument... at least not as far as I, or a guitarist of my acquaintance knows.