Thomas Fellow


After focusing on creating music just for his own projects, Thomas began composing for others in 2012 and has subsequently written more than 200 works for Solo Guitar and smaller Chamber Ensembles with Guitar.

Since April 2016 he has been publishing a series of sheet music with SCHOTT MUSIC called FELLOW GUITAR MUSIC COLLECTION: Vol. 1- Medusa (2016), Vol.2 – Pocket Fantasies (2017), Vol. 3 – Fingerfood light (2018), Vol. 4 – Children’s Corner (2019), Vol. 5 – Fingerfood XXL/Volume 1 (2022), Vol. 6 – Fingerfood XXL/Volume 2 (2023).

His piece MEDUSA was the catalyst for a profound collaboration with the famous publisher SCHOTT MUSIC resulting in a worldwide resonance and multiple recordings from top-class guitarists from Japan, Arabia and Europe.

His music was performed in some of the most important concert halls worldwide (Tchaikovsky Hall Moscow, Kaufmann Concert Hall New York, Concertgebouw Amsterdam), played by some of the leading exponents of the instrument (Zoran Dukic, Pavel Steidl, Helen Sanderson, Nora Buschmann, Jule Malischke, Takeo Sato, Inoi Ami, Aladdin Haddad).

Some of his easier pieces are part of the current syllabus of the TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON program, which is used for the music education in more than 60 countries worldwide.



MEDUSA (2012) is a virtuoso piece, which exists in a Solo version as well as in a version for Guitar Duo. The first performance was in September 2014 at the Theater Tienen (Belgium) by the EUROPEAN GUITAR QUARTET (Duo version with additional guitar body percussion). The premiere recording was on the CD “DANZA” of the European Guitar Quartet.

Meanwhile this piece was performed worldwide in concerts of top players (among others Jule Malischke, Nora Buschmann, Inoi Ami, Aladdin Haddad). Recordings of this piece are to find on the CDs “Medusa” of Inoi Ami (Japan) and “Roots” of Aladdin Haddad (Syria).

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AGRIPPINA AGRIPPINA (2012) is a gentle, bittersweet composition for two guitars about the last breath in the life of Agrippina. The first performance was at the Bergen Music Festival (Norway) by Pavel Steidl and Thomas. You can find it on the CD “DANZA” (EGQ).

A Butterfly's Lullaby

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A BUTTERFLY’S LULLABY (2016) from ZOO TALES, is a component of the book POCKET FANTASIES. The premiere of A Butterfly’s Lullaby was at the Guitar Festival Esching (near Munich/Germany) by Takeo Sato in June 2018. 


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SIGNATURE (2017) is the most popular of three ballads, which were published in the book FINGERFOOD LIGHT. Two other ballads are part of the current syllabus of the TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON program (Stonehenge, No Man’s Land). Here is a link to the trailer of this book, presented by Jule Malischke.

No Man's Land

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NO MAN'S LAND No Man's Land is a piece from the Trinity College of Music London syllabus and is taught and performed in many countries around the world. This is Dorotea Dolenec's interpretation of the piece.

Trojan Horse

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TROJAN HORSE (2017) – is a rhythmical, percussive piece from FINGERFOOD LIGHT.
Fridolin Buchegger (a talented young guitarist from Austria) premiered this piece at the Brucknerhaus Linz (Austria).

Fancy Dances

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FANCY DANCES (2016) - This collection of 4 dance-like pieces is also part of the POCKET FANTASIES. The first performance of FANCY DANCE III was at the Festival Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles (USA) in March 2017 by Thomas. Here you can find a recording of Aladdin Haddad of the FANCY DANCE IV, who also premiered the complete “Suite”.


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Another quietly flowing piece from FINGERFOOD LIGHT – STONEHENGE, played by Dorotea Dolenec.
Video and Sound Recording: EmU

Poseidon's Trident

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POSEIDON’S TRIDENT is one of two trio pieces interpreted here by Antonin Pevala, Martin Baumann and Stefan Degal. In addition to the duo arrangement, it has also been arranged for trio and quartet.

Two Tiny Feet

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TWO TINY FEET (2016) can be found in POCKET FANTASIES and is part of the grade exam syllabus of TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON. Here is Dorotea Dolenec’s interpretation.

In addition to the listed pieces, more compositions were premiered and performed worldwide, for example THREE FABULOUS DUOS by HELEN SANDERSON and ZORAN DUKIC (to whom it was dedicated) at the Guitar Festivals in KUTNÀ HORA (CZ) and MIKULOV (CZ).

Thomas also wrote some commissioned works for TV (including a programme about the tenor JOSE CARRERAS), as well as for ensembles like the NATIONAL YOUTH GUITAR ORCHESTRA UK (STOMP & MOVE).

Audio Recordings

From THREE FABULOUS DUOS (originally for 2 GUITARS) arranged for FLUTE & GUITAR. Performed by Grit Leiteritz (Flute) and Sina Neumärker (Guitar):

Private recordings by Thomas Fellow from his book POCKET FANTASIES.

For new compositions and releases, subscribe to Thomas’s YouTube channel:
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