Illustration: Gitarre
Illustration: Gitarre

Acoustic Guitar (Concert Music / World Music / Jazz / Pop)

An ideal education for talented and creative acoustic guitarists. Unique in the German speaking countries and beyond.

"Acoustic Guitar" as a study – background

The guitar teachers at the Dresden conservatory had the same goal from the beginning: to repeal the strict separation between classical guitar and jazz guitar in the training practice at universities and replace it with a system that is much more contemporary and more practical – a comprehensive artistic and educational training for an all-round musician on this instrument. Way beyond the course of playing techniques and musical requirements, an artistic personality and all its creative potential should be promoted.

This training was established in the early 90s — initially under the name "Guitar / World Music", now known as "acoustic guitar" — and since then it has been of great interest and highly regarded far beyond Germany's borders.

What should one know about the study?

n the basic studies all essential styles and varieties of acoustic guitar are discussed in detail, especially the traditional concert literature for this and for related instruments based on the curriculum for the study of classical guitar. In addition, substantial insights into folk-inspired music from all the regions of the world are given, in which the guitar has a great importance (such as South America, North America and Spain). Throughout the entire course there is a constant networking with jazz training on the guitar. Intensive instruction in the art of accompaniment, of arranging and composing, and offers such as performace, ensemble, percussion and promotions round out the educational spectrum.


  • Promotion of individual strengths and interests
  • Motivation for creativity
  • Support of own projects
  • Developing of an own musical “voice“ on the basis of a broad fundamental knowledge and skill.

Course contents (a selection)

  • Main subject “Acoustic guitar” (including concert music, world music, arranging and composing for guitar)
  • Supplementary subject Jazz Guitar
  • Seminar on “Accompany“ (4 semesters)
  • Seminar on “World Music“ (Brazil, tango, fingerstyle, ?amenco - a total of 4 semesters)
  • Music theory / ear training (classical / jazz), music history (classical / jazz), Piano, percussion, improvisation, ensemble
  • Methodology / teaching practice (in music educational programm)

This is one possible course of study:

basic studies 4 years BACHELOR
2 years MASTER
postgraduate “Meisterklasse” (soloist class) 2 years

It is also possible to visit the connected state school for music CARL MARIA VON WEBER Dresden from class 5, to prepare a comprehensive study of the acoustic guitar.

Admission requirements / entrance exam:

Required are:

  • high level of musicality and a good sense of rhythm
  • creative potential
  • good musical education (ear training / theory)
  • advanced playing technique

In the approximately 20-minute entrance exam primarily Latin American -, North American -, Spanish -, Arabic and jazz-influenced music with modern stylistic approach should be played, you are also welcome to play own compositions, arrangements or transcriptions as well. Playing as a soloist isn't necessary, small ensembles are equally welcome.


Prof. Thomas Fellow
Winner of international competitions with his projects FRIEND‘N FELLOW und HANDS ON STRING and solo concerts throughout Europe and in India, Brazil, China, USA, Russia.
Head of master classes at various colleges and festivals

Prof. Ralf Beutler
Dean for the education Jazz/Rock/Pop
Lecturer in jazz guitar and methodology / teaching practice
Organizer of the Dresden STRING SPRING FESTIVAL
As a musician and teacher e.g. in China, the USA and many European cities

Stephan Bormann
Lecturer for jazz guitar and ensemble leader
With his projects Hands on Strings and Christin Claas at prestigious festivals in Europe
Composer with publications at AMA

Reentko Dirks
Artistic assistant specializing in “Arabic Music / Flamenco“ and Rhythm/Percussion
Winner of international competitions and Saxon country beneficiary

Sina Neumärker
Artistic assistant specializing in “Arabic Music / Flamenco“ and Rhythm/Percussion
Contest winner and Saxon country beneficiary

David Sick
Artistic assistant specialized in "fingerstyle"
Winner of international competitions and Carl-Maria von Weber beneficiary

Prof. Frank Hill
Docent for methodology / teaching practice (classical guitar)
Author of a significant Guitar School, composer of several chamber music works

Selection of successful graduates

The subject “Acoustic Guitar“ in Dresden is considered one of he most successful training programms for guitar in all of Germany.

In the last 15 years about 30 guitar players from the USA, Russia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Austria, France and Germany completed this study programm. Many previous graduates have gone on to win international competitions and work as acclaimed professional concert guitarists:


Info and Contact

Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden
Fachrichtung Jazz/Rock/Pop
Wettiner Platz 13
01067 Dresden

Main contacts:

Prof. Thomas Fellow: thomas(at)
Prof. Ralf Beutler: ralf.beutler(at)
Sekretariat: Ute Hanke, T 0351/4923-618, E-Mail: ute.hanke(at)